A seismic shift in the wrong direction?

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From the Get Sust! archive. The issue of fracking is back in the news, so it is worth revisiting this post from January 2013.

Back in February 2012, Get Sust! wondered what, if anything, the new chief at DECC would deliver. It took a while to build up steam, but by the end of the year Ed Davey’s department was spinning busily, though possibly in the wrong direction. Is it too late for a seismic shift? A study by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) suggests a way forward.

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) declared “omnishambles” to be the UK Word of the Year 2012. First coined by the fictional spin doctor Malcolm Tucker, preceded by the requisite expletives in the satirical comedy The Thick of It, it was quickly applied by the UK media to describe all sorts of government “disasters” – from Olympic security, to a certain bicycle-toting MP’s alleged gaffe (which made “pleb” a runner up in the WotY stakes). The coalition government’s approach to tackling climate change and energy efficiency narrowly missed being an omnishambles too.

Back at the snow-bound start of 2012, the coalition government was still, to a certain extent, feeling its way into the job, but by February things seemed to get moving, with … [read the full article]

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