Calling all nemophilists: five (more) reasons to talk about trees

Posted on by melanie

Most textbooks on sustainable construction give wood a good report for its genuine green credentials, but timber is much more than just a construction product. Melanie Thompson of Get Sust! joins the nemophilists on a ramble through the forest of targets, regulations and innovations.

“I talk to the trees … but they don’t listen to me,” crooned Clint Eastwood (yes, really!) in 1969. Back then, proto-eco-warriors were derided as ‘hippy tree-huggers’. Thankfully most people now understand the vital role trees and forests have played – and still play – in the global climate and in human existence. But the use of timber and other wood products in our buildings and as a fuel is not the cut-and-dried issue it may appear, as any nemophilist (an even older term for fans of trees and forests) will tell you.

Contrary to Mr Eastwood’s lamentations, there is a lot of talking and listening going on in the UK forestry industry – so much, in fact, that it can be difficult to see … well, let’s avoid the obvious cliché and instead start with a few facts … Please read the full article on the NBS sustainability hub.

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