Design lessons from water-borne disasters

Posted on by melanie

Sustainable buildings are in it for the long-term, and must be prepared for whatever the future may bring. If predictions pan out, the future will be stormy, so water-proof planning and designs are de rigueur. It’s time to tempt fate by talking flooding.

For centuries folklore guided important decisions – from summer dress codes to the start of autumn harvesting. So fingers crossed that this article on flooding, written within a hailstones throw of St Swithuns day (15 July), does not tempt fate and spoil the summer that has finally arrived for most of Britain. Yes, the nations air-conditioning systems have kicked into belated action and office supply companies have survived a run on free-standing fans, but it is wise to remember that, in the UK at least, we are never very far from a shower and … Please read the full article on the NBS sustainability hub.

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