Keeping pollution on the sustainability agenda

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Although there has been a fall in serious industrial pollution incidents in England and Wales, we can’t afford to let pollution and contamination slip down the sustainability agenda. Get Sust! highlights recent changes to guidance and reviews the latest research on pollution prevention and mitigation.

While much of the sustainable construction agenda rightly focuses on reducing energy consumption, it is impossible to build or renovate anything without having a wider impact on the environment, whether through the production of bulk waste materials, dusts and emissions given off during the build phase, or slowly seeping chemicals invading the indoor environment and contaminating the land or occupants. Construction will never be 100% ‘clean’, but with careful planning and enhanced awareness of the potential problems, much can be done to avoid the worst.

The good news is the Environment Agency (EA) says that in 2011 serious industrial pollution incidents in England and Wales fell to their lowest level for a decade, with a growing number of companies earning the highest ‘A’ rating for excellence in environmental performance. In particular, the ‘EA’s annual Sustainable business report for 2011 (published 1 November 2012) says that cuts in air pollution have helped to reduce the UK health bill by an estimated £630 million since 2005.

It is not all good news, though, because pollution incidents in the … Read the full article on the NBS sustainability hub.

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