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The Technology Strategy Board has a fund of up to £8 million to cover the cost of building performance evaluation (BPE) studies on domestic and non-domestic buildings, but you’ll have to move fast to access the cash. Applications for non-domestic projects close on 18 January.

The funding will go to individual companies and other organisations responsible for specific ‘case study’ buildings, and will cover the total cost of evaluating the performance of the case study building.

To be eligible, non-domestic buildings may be currently nearing completion, or in use and no more than three years old. All the BPE studies will need to use specified protocols, tools and techniques in order to capture data in a comparable form. TSB’s aim is to assemble a substantial body of data for many building types to draw generic conclusions on their performance, and will cover design strategies, building fabric, target performances, construction methods and occupancy patterns, handover and operational practices. Results will be shared across the industry.

Applications are particularly welcome from the following sectors:

  • transport facilities
  • sports facilities
  • warehousing
  • retail
  • hospitality
  • industrial …

… and buildings with the following characteristics:

  • smaller non-domestic buildings <1000m2
  • naturally ventilated buildings
  • refurbished buildings.

Closing dates: 18 January 2012 (non-domestic projects); and 23 May 2012 (domestic projects only).

Please note that registration for all Technology Strategy Board administered competitions will close one week before the competition application deadline. Registration is required to receive application forms and access the applications area.

Full details are at:


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