Rules, roles and responsibilities: sustainability comes of age at Ecobuild

Posted on by melanie

Is the gloss of the “green” wearing thin in these challenging economic times? Or has sustainable construction finally passed through the difficult teenage years into a state of early maturity? Certainly, this year’s Ecobuild seemed less frenetic than usual. But that doesnt mean there wasnt plenty to get excited about, writes Melanie Thompson of Get Sust!

The exhibition halls and seminar rooms at Ecobuild this year (5–7 March 2013) were busy, but certainly appeared less crowded than in 2012. It remains to be seen whether this is because sustainable construction has truly gone mainstream, and is thus no longer viewed as exciting or groundbreaking, or whether it was just that more people were away on holiday (given the event was a few weeks earlier than last year), or whether the full impact of the flailing economy has now trickled down to such set-piece events. If the latter, we can only hope that … [read more].

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