The tomorrow people: youth speaks out on sustainable homes and communities

Posted on by melanie

The shortage of affordable, sustainable housing is rightly grabbing the headlines, but we need to pay attention to the spaces between the homes if we want to create truly sustainable communities, as young people from leafy Northamptonshire to down-town Istanbul are keen to tell us. Isn’t it time we took their views more seriously?

… In the UK, the proponents of ‘garden cities’ cast a shadow that runs all the way from the Port Sunlight model village of the Lever brothers (currently celebrating its 125th year) through Sir Ebenezer Howard’s Garden Cities of To-morrow to Prince Charles’s Poundbury. Such developments were held up as models for the next wave of government-backed large-scale housing projects by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in a speech to the National House-Building Council in November 2012, when he tellingly invoked dreams of the philanthropic building schemes of yore. But a ground-breaking study by a small team based in the English midlands suggests that the fashion for creating bucolic idylls in an urban setting may not be appropriate for the citizens of tomorrow. How did they arrive at this conclusion? They asked the ‘tomorrow people’ … Please read the full article on the NBS sustainability hub.

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