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Saving energy is a sure-fire way to cut emissions and save money, but we are all guilty of forgetting to turn off appliances or turning on the air-conditioning when we really should just wear more comfortable clothing. Yes, human nature is a strange thing: we sometimes go miles to avoid taking simple actions that could save us money. Why? I don’t know the answer (I dare say my energy use is similar to most people’s) but I do know some people who might be able to point us in the right direction.

INSITE13 logo

That’s why I’ve just booked a ticket to BRE’s INSITE13 conference and exhibition (2–3 October). The morning of the first day is devoted to learning more about energy behaviour.

The experts say that up to half of a building’s energy consumption is directly influenced by how its occupants use it. Session 1 of INSITE13 conference (session 1) highlights the key issues that enable behavioural change: an understanding of human factors and social science. Topics for discussion include:

  • Behavioural change and energy use
  • How occupiers experience comfort
  • How training and support can modify behaviour and help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in occupied buildings
  • Consumer demand and how new technologies are affecting user behaviour
  • Building efficiencies versus people having to self-monitor with switches and controls
  • Post-occupancy evaluation (POE).

Attendees also get the chance to visit the ground-breaking BRE Innovation Park, featuring some new buildings and the newly refurbished British Gas Smart Home, originally featured on the BBC 14 years ago.

Hope to see you all there!

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